Guava Tsu

2024-05-15T14:32:18-04:00March 20, 2024|

Guava Tsu is a harmonious blend of the vibrant sativa Guava Burmese of Equilibrium genetics and [...]

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Super Sour Diesel

2024-03-21T15:06:39-04:00December 4, 2023|

This cross of Super Silver Haze x Sour Diesel is a powerhouse of straight sativa energy. [...]

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Black Water OG

2024-04-10T14:20:50-04:00December 4, 2023|

Black Water OG offers a sweet grape aroma with hints of lemon and pine. Known for [...]

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Original Maui Waui

2024-04-10T15:18:49-04:00October 31, 2023|

This vibrant sativa-dominant strain is sure to captivate with its legendary uplifting effects. Each bud is [...]

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Gelato #41

2024-04-10T14:22:05-04:00October 31, 2023|

This carefully cultivated hybrid strain offers a tantalizing symphony of flavors and effects. With a perfect [...]

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Northern Berry

2024-05-03T13:30:48-04:00October 31, 2023|

Grown with pristine care, this strain invites you to unwind and relax. Each pre-roll is hand-rolled [...]

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Ice Cream Cake

2024-05-03T13:28:24-04:00October 31, 2023|

This cultivar boasts a delectable aroma reminiscent of its namesake dessert. Prepare for a deeply relaxing [...]

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